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Academic Program

During the five years of MBBS course, the University of Dhaka conducts Four Professional Examinations as follows:

At the end of 1.5 years Ist professional examination
At the end of 2.5 years 2nd professional examination
At the end of 3.5 years 3rd professional examination
At the end of 5 years Final professional examination

The Professional Examinations start in: The Ist week of May, and in the Ist week of November every year.

Subjects with marks allocated for different professional Examinations are as follows:

In the 1st Professional examination:
Anatomy 500 Marks
Physiology 400 Marks
Biochemistry 400 Marks
Total 1300 Marks
In the 2nd Professional examination:
Community Medicine 300 Marks
Forensic medicine & Toxicology 300 Marks
Total 600 Marks
In the 3rd Professional examination:
Pathology 300 Marks
Microbiology 300 Marks
Pharmacology & Therapeutics 300 Marks
Total 900 Marks
In the Final Professional examination:
Medicine 500 Marks
Surgery 500 Marks
Obst. & Gynae. 500 Marks
Total 1500 Marks

Pass Marks is 60% in each written, Oral & Practical/Clinical Exam, Separately.